I’ve done some odd things before but….

….tonight I joined several like minded adults and played with Lego at an organised event.

I’d maybe make that loosely in the like minded description but still, we were all there with a unified aim: to build Lego and have fun.

I’ll admit, part of the fun was a cash bar, another was having my adult sons and son in law with me, but the event itself was a uniquely entertaining experience.



The Beer and Lego Experience was a follow up to a children’s event I was fortunate enough to attend with my grandson a few weeks before.

Whereas that involved a semi organised, more of suggestion of what to built platform, the adult night was a little more directed. As this was a debut for Gincandescence,the organisation behind it,a lot was play by ear, suck it and see progress, but the basic premise was in place.

Beer/Wine/Cider-Adults only so therefore safe to drink, sensibly.

A venue suitable for education and fun – the local,recently relaunched museum.

A fun activity that revives childhood memories and activates the geek in us all-LEGO!!!

split the event into two stages,first a rapid fire,quick thinking game consisting of two minutes in which to build something based around one word.

a spaceship,toilet,animal whatever.

Next, Lego  charades. Either as individuals or teams, build something as a clue to a film,book,play,band or song. Just like the parlour game but with less mute arm waving.

We went ,as a team, for this:


Take a closer look, it’s a film.

Yes, Captain Phillips.

Once we had finished, feeling smug as others seem to still be building, we were instructed to place our magnificent creation on the judging table.

The table full already of multiple entries from several other teams and individuals!

So we hurriedly mashed more plastic bricks into barely recognisable shapes and settled down for results.

Needless to say, we all had a rare and different fun couple of hours that I would highly recommend. If you need more evidence,check their website,Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Ultimately though,get along to another event yourself. If there isn’t one, book one!


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