I’m inclined,like most gardeners, to try something new each year.

This year one thing I tried,amongst others,was growing New Potatoes in a specially designed vegetable bag.


The bags were packs of two different sizes and came from Wilkinsons.

The compost was just whatever I had left lying around. Potato variety was one of two I’m growing at the plot using a no-dig method,Rocket.

Sown/planted on April 4th ,watered sparingly but much more once flowering, they have been left outdoors since starting off in the greenhouse for about a fortnight,they were harvested today, June 18th.


Despite being watered the night before, then rained on an hour before tipping out, the soil/compost was bone dry. This made picking out the tubers a lot easier and cleaner as a bonus. I always water when they flower as this is when the tubers start to form and swell. Even if you expect rain, water regularly as a sudden heavy downpour on a dry crop can cause the tubers to swell rapidly and split.

As you can see, from the three seed tubers I got quite a decent c rop of perfect egg sized tubers.



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