O.K. I hinted on twitter that I had something to mention which may be taken out of context if restricted to only 140 characters. Now, I’m not averse to concise writing, having recently entered a flash fiction micro story completion. Try condensing a full story to 100 words or less, then see if twitter really is that demanding!
But I digress, I am rambling away from the original subject, so, here we go.
I have noticed a certain person who lives locally. I don’t mean I have noticed them in a romantic or hateful way. I have noticed them because, to put it bluntly, they look odd.
Unusual, different and slightly bemusing to be honest.
I don’t mean physically, although I’ve not had a good view of his face yet, but physically he seems quite the norm. Slim, medium height and young, say late teens to mid twenties.
He is black, although I can’t be more accurate than that, I’m not overly familiar with regional or national differences and as I say, I’ve not seen his face clearly. But all this is conjecture and set dressing. The main thing is, this gentleman, and I have no reason to think he isn’t, wears a towel on his head.
Now can you see my concern with misunderstanding?
I don’t mean he has some religious outfit, or he is from Saudi or any of the Arab nations and wears full traditional dress, I mean quite simply he wears an item of bathroom fabric furnishing on his pate.
A large hand towel I’m guessing by the size.
And let’s be clear, he hasn’t been seen once, but several times, over a period of months.
Not just the one same towel though.
This is where my mind was blown.
He has different coloured towels for each outfit.
Coordinated towels!
Take a while for this to sink in. It took me some time too.
I’m saying here, quite openly, that this young chap, this latter day Beau Brummel, chooses his clothes, and he chooses very well, to include a towel over the top of any hood or cap or chapeau of any variety, to match his jacket, trousers or shirt.
He is, by any other means, a very fashionable dresser. Snappy if you please.
From the deconstructed linen jackets with contrasting hoodie, to the slim fit chino jeans with rolled up bottoms, the low top trainers or deck shoes sans socks, this guy is on trend with some of the top street stylists in New York.
But for the bathroom accessory.

Like this guy, but not this guy.

He could be channelling Ford Prefect ,not the car, but the character created by Douglas Adams for The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, as played by Mos Def, a great musician as well as an actor and a pretty smart dresser too. This, as followers of the great Mr Adams works will attest, may account for the towel but for the fact that we do not live on a fictional planet Earth about to be destroyed to make way for a bypass.


No, NOT the car!


Better. Snappy even with a towel but still not quite right for sleepy old Weston-Super-Mare.

As much as I, and no doubt many other similarly geeky types, would love to think there is a real lost travel guide from the future/past/parallel universe who has to wander around trying to find lift back to wherever home may be, the reality is, there isn’t. There is simply a guy, who for reasons known only to himself (I’m guessing here), has chosen to front his own campaign to bring the humble towel right up front into the cutting edge of international fashion, via a small seaside resort off the M5 motorway.

Good luck to him I say. But I’m not going to start browsing in Dunelm quite yet thank you.


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