Last year, I can safely say that now, I grew some beans from seeds given to me by a customer in the shop I manage They called them BRIDGWATER BEANS but to me and some of my twitter followers they looked a lot like Borlotti beans but I’m happy to go with the former as a lesser known local variety Who nows, they could be a rare heritage variety.
Anyway, history aside,I decided to save some seed to grow again as they were not only tasty and prolific but, as you can see, rather nice to look at too!
Now, that’s where the mystery begins!
Why a mystery? Because of the following pictures.



As you can see, that’s quite a range of colours,shapes and sizes but they were all from the same original beans. All the original seeds were almost identical, all sown and grown together and at the same time. Despite this, the saved seeds have ranged from small pea shaped with purple flecks on a cream background to larger round brown and cream and even tiny flat kidney shaped shiny black ones. The pods themselves were generally the same although the degree of speckling variety slightly.
This means exciting times lie ahead as I sow the differing subjects in groups to study any differing results, if any, including size and taste.
Be prepared, I will be posting updates!


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