it’s my birthday,my 47th to be precise 


Well, it’s also the first birthday as a grandparent. How does it feel? 

To be honest, bloody marvellous!

After 46 previous attempts that mainly drew blanks’ the family and I have come to accept that I’ll never see many variations of wrapping paper and even that Christmas wrap isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s not even the content that counts but the giving. What made it special was the fact that everyone made a huge effort. I did actually get some gifts wrapped in Space Invader wrapping but again it was who it came from and what thought they had put into the choice of both present and paper.

I received things that, irrelevant of cost,were all utterly priceless to me. That is the value a family brings

And it continues too, not just because of Christmas Day but because from this year on it becomes Birthmas , a combination of the traditional celebrations and my new gorgeous grandsons first birthday.

I know this much, it won’t be dull!



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