New Produce Delivery Vehicle Purchased. (Yeah, I bought a new bike..)

For years I’ve ferried my produce from the plot, and my compostables to it, on my trusty old bike. It was an old Carerra , the Halfords own brand dressed up as an exclusive range. Each time I had it serviced by my son, the bike mechanic, it was returned with some new added part or upgrade. Twist grip gear shift became quick shot triggers, old fat off road tyres replaced with slick road racing rubber and a wet backside with a set of mudguards. However, I had never managed to add a rack or a set of panniers to the frame despite the many chances. This meant transporting things required a cumbersome back pack or hanging carrier bags from the handle bars. Neither was that efficient and to be honest one was frankly quite dangerous.
Anyway, I have finally been forced to trade in the old wreck for a newer model, a Giant Escape. This time the adventurous sounding hybrid has the addition of after market vegetable carriers in the form of a rear rack and pannier set. I can only carry up to 25 kg of produce at a time but if my runner bean crop ever matches the one of 2006 or I decide to harvest my whole potato crop at once I’ll just have to make two trips..
You can expect to see the mighty rhubarb express on these pages a little more in the future. Those saddle bags haul a good crop!


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