I may have mentioned  that I’ve written a very small book. Small in stature but huge in potential. 

I thought the writing came naturally but the print and produce bit terrified me. Anyway, having narrowly escaped the clutches of evil vanity publishers I  am now a published author. 

The lucky escape came courtesy of the twitterverse. I put out the question regarding a charge the company wanted to levy and the multitude responded no masse. As a result, one kind person directed me to a very good site http://www.feedaread.com. 

This solved all my problems and gave me total control whilst avoiding being over technical. Thus lead to said book now being available on Amazon.com and .co.UK , through bookshops such as Waterstones and also, after some confusion, as a Kindle download. 

If you are mad enough,bored or just uncontrollably curious, it is The Statue by Chris Knight. ISBN 978-1-78299-440-4 


P.S. There are other authors with the same name. My book is juvenile fiction. Not BBQ grilling (wrong colour,sorry) and definitely not Menstruation and modern culture ( wrong,just very wrong) .Image


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