Dark Brown and Gorgeous

If there is one thing I took from my college course (RHS Certificate of Horticulture) it was that there are two types of compost heap:theile it all up and wait forever ones and the proper type.
O.K. I’m being unkind. I accept that some people prefer the long slow method of allowing the natural decaying effect of time to rot down the vegetation. It has its uses and can produce a dry fibrous material eventually. But that is part of the problem , eventually is a long time.
The other method is to keep the bacteria on the heap warm and active, encouraging it to produce more heat and busy little bacteria that digest the material rapidly and produce a moist and rich humus heavy compost in a few weeks rather than years.
I started this pallet compost container in February this year.

Pallet compost heap

I emptied it out onto a black polythene sheet I use as its cover twice, added kitchen waste and stable manure regularly then left it alone with a capping of shredded paper for the last two to three weeks. Now, even I can’t make that sound involved or difficult.
Here is how it looked when I uncovered it this morning:


Nice dark crumbly and rich moist compost. A moisture retaining soil improver full of wriggling lipstick red worms.


I knew just where it would be most useful too, just where I intend to plant out the runner beans,French beans and squash later.


Beautiful rich and beneficial in just under 15 weeks.
Do it yourself. Maybe, as I soon will, add a second bin alongside the first to turn the heap into so you don’t have to move it twice (out then back in) each time. You’ll thank me, your back might not after the second turn but your soil will!


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