After the short lived of the plastic greenhouse that we bought for a miserly £20 from B & M. That was a tubular framed, polythene covered item which doubled as a handy kite in the slightest breeze.


We bought this aluminium framed replacement from an online supplier. We chose Norfolk Greenhouses via the wife’s catalogue. Delivery was within a few days despite the very acceptable few weeks quoted. When I did the unusually sensible(for me) check of all parts I discovered two small items were adrift but the greenhouse had been delivered just before the Easter weekend so we couldn’t phone for replacements until the following Tuesday. That said, they posted out the parts within 24 hours. Again, impressive service from Norfolk Greenhouses.


The online reviews did warn it would take 3 days to assemble but not one implied that you might wake up the following day with fingertips so sore you could barely text friends to tell them!


The problem as I painfully discovered was the number of tiny nuts and bolts that had to be fitted into even smaller spaces.


I should have also taken heed of the advice on the instructions to use a blunt (I.e.butter) knife to help slide the rigid plastic sheets into the cladding strips. Fingernails will do but a knife wouldn’t swell up and turn purple the following morning.


Anyway, complaints apart, including my aching thighs, the end result is worth the pain and slight bloodshed. .  I know have a small but perfectly formed home for new seedlings and tender pot plants. It’s also possibly going to become pirate ship or castle for our grandson



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