O.k.,  let’s make that Lidl, Morrisons, M&S and any of the rest.
They are all happily leaping aboard and possibly driving the green retail bandwagon but how far have they pushed that idea?
We went shopping today for a mixed selection of items including a bean bag that was lightweight but too large for a carrier bag of any sort. It was raining steadily so a cover would have been an obvious benefit but the store didn’t offer one,  when we asked we were quickly informed nothing would be available.
The other items,  a can of paint, child’s chair, a few nails and a small amount of groceries,  were easy enough to transport but we took a taxi home due to the bulk of the goods and the rain.
Here’s the point.
If you decide to forgo fume belching polar bear threatening cars,  buses or vans,  supermarkets and other stores really can’t deal with you. Had we been parked at the far side of any of the car parks today our goods as well as ourselves would have been soaked through. As a regular cyclist I appreciate bike racks but would like them better with cover from the rain while I pull on my waterproof gear. But any help is help.
All stores sell goods designed to fit easily in the boot of even the smallest vehicle but prove awkward to handle over a long walk. Carrier handles are strong enough for the journey but as anyone knows,  those strong handles cut deep grooves in your fingers after a while.
Access to these out of town giants is very much car orientated. Crossing dual carriageways and car parks on foot or bicycle is daunting for the beginner.
If the big players want to push their green credentials they really need to start thinking about fellow greenies and make stores more non driver friendly.


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