Stable manure, farmyard waste,poop,spoil,all it what you will, it makes the world go round. But what is this obsession with the by product of almost every animal?
In basic terms life is cyclical. One creature’s poop becomes a smaller creature’s breakfast. Or nest. Likewise, a leaf dropped from a tree becomes fodder to micro organisms that turn it into compost which the roots of the same tree then consume.
It is this combination of manure and organism that benefits the gardener.
We could easily use only vegetative waste and still make reasonable compost but the addition of animal waste adds extra nutrients and the ammonia in animal urine is an excellent activator, speeding up the process and increasing internal heat in the heap itself. Anaerobic digestion, where regular turning of the heap increases the activity of anaerobic bacteria which produces ammonia, speeds up the conversion to humus, the end result of composting. Turning your heap also causes a heat build up in the gardener, which is very welcome on a cold day!
In conclusion, animal waste, that is herbivore waste, is a good,cheap and renewable source of a vital ingredient for not only gardeners but all living things.
That’s good sh%t!

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