I decided to put together the flat pack cold frame I bought with my prize credit from a garden supplies website. The story behind the prize and the drawn out process of trying to get it is too long and dull for even this blog but needless to say I have it and today it became a use able garden tool rather than just a stack of bits in the corner of the dining room.
The parts were:




There should have been screws, clips for the plastic sheet and hinges but the pack had been broken in transit by the courier so I bought my own.

The very vague instructions showed that it required two sizes of screws, 70mm and 50mm . As this is of larch lap panel construction I drilled pilot holes before joining the back,sides and front panels to avoid splitting the wood.

Basic box

The parts went together pretty simply although I’d advise using corner clamps if you don’t have a spare pair of hands.
According to the parts list I needed 70mm screws to assemble the frame for the glazed top but the pack delivered actually had the glazing frame ready assembled.


Attaching the hinges was a quick job but I decided against fitting the prop (a length of batten) as it was screwed in place and would only give an open fully or closed option, not adjustability.


As the kit didn’t contain the glazing clips as listed I had to botch up a way of fixing the acrylic sheet in place.
The finished item looks fit for purpose but I will probably give it a coat of preservative when the weather is drier.





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