And This Year’s Oscar Won’t Be Going To…

It’s time for another one of my random film reviews. As mentioned in previous posts, we make a regular habit of having a family movie night once a week,generally a Saturday evening.
This week’s offering from Sky Premiere was:

The Grey, starring Liam Neeson.

I’ll start by saying this. If you want clear and understandable dialogue from a leading man, try Brian Blessed. Ask Will Smith or even the equally rugged Harrison Ford but never cast Liam Neeson.
Neeson has a naturally depressed almost suicidal persona which although miscast as the playful,boyish Hannibal in The A Team, perfectly fits the role here. As a suicidal lone gunman tasked with protecting oilfield workers in frozen Alaska from the local timber wolves, the eponymous Grey , his dour expression convinces the viewer that maybe the film would’ve been better to allow him to pull the trigger when in the first 30 minutes he walks out of a bar into the cold darkness and aims his barrel at his own tonsils.
The film producers might have thought avoiding cliches would provide a welcome change but with no meaningful back stories, no tension building scenes and no heroic happy ending this just ends up disappointing, depressing and lackluster.
As an antidote to the usual predictable cheery heartwarming Hollywood fare this should work but instead it just confuses and infuriates. Avoid at all cost.


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