…for my own conscious to allow.

Too many of my aches and pains are being caused by poor posture brought on by sitting on the sofa with a laptop or smartphone in front of me. I can’t allow this to continue while admiring the effort put in by others. Neither can I admire the work of others from a semi prostrate position in my comfortable lounge.

I need to get out more. The evenings are long if not light or sometimes even dry but there are things I can still do other than sitting on my backside.

If I must be restricted in my activities then I can write, I can read, I can create. I can email my work to as many places as possible, be that forums, websites or publishers. Creativity doesn’t depend on reward but it would be good to see if there is a new route to follow with my writing. I sometimes feel quite encouraged by comments from friends and family but then remind myself of those very sad, deluded souls on T.V. shows who are convinced they have the ‘ Factor’ or whatever because their loved ones either can’t tell the difference or just want to make them feel good about themselves when, in reality, they have little to smile about.

Anyway, I have thick skin and I can take rejection ( I can lie too).


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