Yes, it’s that bl00dy time of year again!

I know, it’s a jolly old time when we celebrate being among friends an family and other loved ones (who are they? Not family or friends yet loved?) but I can’t be alone in thinking it’s a bit over done?

With commercials starting in mid November, television schedules shot to pieces and everywhere covered in an ever escalating amount of obscenely coloured lights, it’s hard to concentrate on the everyday tasks such as trying to avoid a global financial meltdown. Judging by the amounts of people not actually spending on the High Street but claiming to be ‘getting ready’ , it would appear a lot of people will be worse off yet the shops and businesses won’t really see any benefit. 

But what irritates me the most?



To be accurate paper. Wrapping paper, cards, gift tags. How many of us have tried to buy a birthday card after November and managed to find any decent ones or at least a good choice?

My Granddad was born on the 25th of December, Boxing Day. That’s right, overshadowed by left over turkey day. Annie Lennox, the celebrated singer, shares her birthday with the baby cheesus himself.

I am luckier in that my date of birth is 23/12, the day before Christmas Eve so I don’t share a day with any official holiday but it is close enough to make combination or joint presents a regular disappointment. It means I either got the same card from several people or the same limited selection of wrapping paper. The other oddity about a winter birthday is the useful present dilemma. 

I still get given things I can use in the garden as a birthday present with the excuse that I can have it early for my birthday so I can use it. Generally that means a present six months early. 

In that sense, I’m like a member of the Royal Family!


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