Rhyme Time

Halloween Dance
T’was the eve of all hallows, and all through the house,
Many creatures were moving, from ghosties to mouse.
The moon shadow danced, with the druid and then,
Lifted the coffin lid and let in a friend.
T’were the monster that lived in the cupboard,
The one at the end of the hall,
Through his neck was a bolt
Round his ankle a chain and a ball.
He brought his girlfriend, the werewolf,
And she carried her favourite bag,
Made from the hollowed out head of demon,
All covered in cobwebs and rags.
The company sang and made merry,
For it was their very last chance
Tonight was Halloween
And this was the monster’s dance.
Dracula did the fangdango
Above the floor he did sway
While the mummy tried to foxtrot
But the bandages got in the way.
The band was a troupe of zombies,
The leader a singer named Dread,
But every song was instrumental
Because he’d forgotten to bring his head
So they dance to the morbid melodies
While the stars made a cover of gold
And the fires burnt like the candles
While the mist kept them all cold
Until the light of the morning came creeping
So to their crypts they did run
To sleep the sleep of the undead
And to hide away from the sun
But remember all those who tempt evil,
For every year there are more
Who dance in the light of the moon
And turn cartwheels across the floor
These are the fools and the scoundrels
Who care not for manners or such
And this is the place they all remain
When they kick all consideration to touch
For the dead who cannot lie sleeping
Are the moraless troublesome ones
Who thought they could pay no attention
Who preferred to play in the sun
So if you ignore you parents
And treat all around you so mean
Take your dancing shoes to the grave with you
And welcome each Halloween!


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