Ok. Just a quick one or two things that really make me seeth. I’m older now, I am not only allowed to seeth, I’m encouraged.
1. People who step out onto the road a couple of feet then look up to check for oncoming traffic. That couple of feet may not be used by passing cars, as it is too close to the kerb and parked cars but those few inches are my safe zone. That narrow channel is where I can ride without risking life and limb. Oh, and I have no intention to hurt any jaywalkers or kerb side suicide jumpers but if I hit you on my bike I will do serious harm.
2.People,particularly parents of young children, who can’t be arsed to walk the extra five steps to a crossing and just leap out between traffic rather than use a proper crossing.
3. Parents, (before you ask, yes, I’ve had kids of my own),parents who ignore the screaming running runts of their own loins tearing up wherever it is they are, bawling and leaping and generally making life a living hell for everyone else within a fifty metre vicinity.
4.Anyone of any age, but yes it is normally teen to twenty year old people, who like to walk or stand around listening to their music on their mobile phones. No, not on headphones but just using the tiny, tinny speakers on the phone itself.
Just no. O.K.?
5. Talking of mobile phones, yes, you idiots who think the law regarding driving using your handset doesn’t apply to you. It does. Period. More so i you driver a 36 tonne truck. Yes, we can still see you up there in your high rise cab.
O.K. I said it was just a short rant so I’m stopping at 5 but I may well develop a listing of idiot things and people just based around mobile phones. There’s enough ammunition already!

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