Cheese,Cauli and Magpie Madness

It’s been an odd week. No, really, aside from the unseasonal heat it has been rather unique this last seven days.

Starting really with the Wednesday. I had been invited to a studio to be filmed in discussion about my gardening. Yes, I thought it was unusual too. Needless to say, I booked the day of work and arrived early. The results can be seen here:

Weston People with Chris Knight from Weston super Television on Vimeo.

The rest of that day was spent partly telling everyone about my film clip and partly spent shopping for and consuming real ales. This would normally be a bad idea mid week but I had manage to book the Wednesday as a day from my annual allotment rather than shifting my day off. The following hangover was therefore unintentional but manageable. As it was, I woke to find my calendar setting on my mobile phone was reminding me that I was due to be at a meeting approximately ten minutes previously.

Thursday was more of a day for recovery than pleasure, but then pottering about at the plot is a type of therapy as I’ve mentioned before. Friday came with a vengeance, as my Mother was due to leave on a prolonged visit to my middle sister on Saturday and would not be at home for her birthday. We had also been invited to celebrate National Cheese Week  with a Cheese and Wine party at the home of some good friends.So, Friday post work meant shooting directly to Mum’s home with a card for her to take away, then back home to eat sensible food and get changed before strolling to the local supermarket for cheese and wine purchases and a taxi to Jen and Adam’s house. That was an unmitigated success i my mind because no fights broke out and everyone had fun. Sadly, unlike Wednesday’s fun, Cheese Night was followed by a working Saturday. So copious amounts of fresh pure water were consumed before bed to counteract the dehydrating effect of alcohol on the brain.

Saturday went very well. The unexpected heat had brought many more people than usual out to enjoy the late Summer/ early Autumn sunshine at the beach which translate to more people browsing the shops adjacent to the promenade. Saturday is historically a quiet day for us but this time we took more than any other of the previous five days.

Sunday was a day of rest and relaxation The late start followed by a long bubble bath and then brunch. A coating of factor 30 protection plus shorts, t-shirt and a wide brimmed hat kept me safe at the plot for the next five hours ,along with a big bottle of water. It still feels very peculiar to be taking such precautions in the first week of October though. Then, whilst sat drinking some of that cooling liquid, in the shelter of my shed doorway, normally sheltering me from driving ,cold rain this time of year, I saw the final curiosity of the week. Not one, two or three , the expected number, but nine Magpies flying past from one copse to another opposite.


Now, I grew up watching commercial television as a child and I have always been more Magpie and less Blue Peter but I couldn’t recall what nine Magpies stood for as the rhyme usually faded out as the opening credits ran.

All I can assume is, judging by the events that followed , is nine Magpies signify a temperamental petrol strimmer!

I did come home with a bounty though. The late sun has meant tomatoes are still ripening, courgettes are producing but due to the time of year, I also cut three beautiful cauliflower heads. They were planted out as small specimens at the correct time and had the season brought the expected cooler, wetter weather, wouldn’t have seemed out of place but with a blazing sun baking the pavements, filling hearty foods just didn’t feel right!


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