It’s the time of year again when they all come out, creeping around and scaring the timid.

What? Spiders?


The people who like to announce they’ve seen a spider, or several spiders. ALL huge of course and wearing big heavy clogs. And hats.

Well, maybe not hats. But at least boots.

Every year it’s the same, spiders coming in from outdoors and surprising the unwary. The leaves changing colour,the cooler weather, shorter days and the delights of autumn fruits and warming recipes all get bypassed in favour of squeals of terror as a non toxic arachnid less than a thousandth of the size of its perceived victim seeks out its mate and protection from predators and the elements.

It baffles me how or why people get so animated about the same things happening at the same point each year. September is the start of the russet seasons, the evening of the year that precludes the cold and darkness of winter. September follows the highlight of summer that august brings with it and rounds off the season of barbecues and garden parties, replacing it with the rains and gales that strip the colour from the trees and the dry skin from your face.

This happens year after year, time after time without fail. Although our summers may sometimes disappoint, at other times overwhelm and often result in complaints either way, autumn is nothing if not consistent. Even when we experience those so called ‘Indian Summers’ we can still rely on the leaves to change and fall, the fruit to glow with ripe abundance and the thin wispy trails of off white smoke to appear above allotments and gardens from Cornwall to Cowdenbeath.
Meanwhile, people still insist on telling anyone who listens that they have lots of huge spiders suddenly coming into the house, insist on complaining about the ‘unseasonal’ rain and are never prepared for the devastating effects of strong winds.

People, please,this is September in all its finery, with its biggest hat and shiniest shoes on. Embrace it, hold it close and feel the warmth of its predictability. September won’t disappoint if you judge her for what she is and always has been. This woman of declining years, this lady who has seen it all and keeps her secrets and walks tall and confident will calm the chaotic partying and inhibitions of summers youth and gently accompany you as you stroll silently toward the ice maiden of winter.

Just be aware, she has been here before and has done it all and nothing will surprise her.

Least of all, spiders.


One thought on “September Songs

  1. I love the way you write, I also love autumn with its crisp, freshness and beautiful colours. However I don’t do spiders, although I do find an upturned glass and a quick flying lesson is nothing to write home about.


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