It takes ages but the last few weeks before it comes are agonizing. Yes, my beloved Purple Sprouting is ready finally. My Spring Onions are waiting for a decent salad day. Actually, I must confess, my wife did tell me we were having salad today but I forgot, otherwise we would have already been tucking into a couple of these.
Here’s the proof of that lovely red brassica.
The plot in general is looking quite good. Yes, there is still grass creeping  into the beds and the shed leans impossibly but otherwise, things look good. There are still Leeks to be consumed whilst next winter’s crop has started the long journey already with seedlings coming through in a small pot.  I am trying more Squash again this year. We have sown a selection of varieties in modules at home and I have filled a deep bed at the plot with fresh strawy manure and covered that with black pvc to warm up in preparation for the plants when they are big enough.
Meanwhile, my obsession with constructing crap stuff continues apace. Some kind person or company delivered some old wooden packing cases to the site for us to use. The second lot although the previous were badly damaged and smaller.
A couple of spare hinges I knew I had ferreted away somewhere, some left over felt from a previous maintenance job on the shed roof and I had myself a dry wood store or pot store.
Job done! I just need a bigger shed. I should really stick to the tiny 6 x 4 I have because any more space will mean I just hoard more useless bits but I really could use something with room to stretch my legs when I stop for coffee or rain.
Ah well, it’s cosy!

One thought on “Red and Yellow and Purple and Greens

  1. Fantastic, a man after my own heart ‘have space, will fill it’! My purples are just beginning too, they have to be on a par with home grown sweet corn.


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