I could go on at great length,as could many of it’s users, about the failings or inadequacies of Twitter but they are mainly based in the realms of the many and varied external resources we utilise to enable us to tweet from remote locations. The major confusion I have a problem getting a handle on is based soundly on the users themselves.

I go on Twitter as and when I can find the time and a decent signal, yes I tweet by phone during the working day, only returning to my PC in the evening. Now, here’s the rub: I work full time. Yes, I am one of the lucky few to still be in employment, but I work for someone, not for myself. Therefore, I am not supposed to waste my days away button pressing and ‘Retweeting’ the funny quips and interesting photographs. I imagine that is the same for most employed people. We sneak the odd tweet out when the boss isn’t looking, while the kettle is boiling for teabreak (secret tweeters make the best work mates, we ALWAYS volunteer to make tea, wash up, go on errands etc).

So, the masses that seem to spend all day not only tweeting but adding Youtube clips, photographs and links to blogs and websites they’ve built and written must be either self made millionaires or unemployed. They could be homeworkers/outworkers. A very small few could also be working as employed social media officers, paid to tweet ,poke,or whatever Myspace types do.

Anyway, jealousy aside, I do find it hard to see where or when people find time to keep down a job , a family home life and a hobby or relationship whilst tweeting non stop.  I guess I’m just missing a trick, as usual!

I’ll make a note to myself: Must try harder when immersing in social media …

One thought on “So what is it about Twitter that frustrates?

  1. I’m neither a self-made millionaire, I wish, nor unemployed, I work from home some of the time and in an office on my own the rest of the time and I am very easily distracted in either location.


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