Sad news

For those who have been reading or following my blog entries here, in particular the Dark Times Ahead entry, I have to impart some unfortunate news.

As a follow up to that blog I have to inform those who gave such personal and touching comments that my father passed away suddenly on Tuesday 15th of February.

The predicted 18 months to 2 years of extended life we had all hoped for was cut dramatically short due to a suspected heart attack. He was rushed to hospital at approximately 9 a.m. but was pronounced dead after attempts to revive failed.

I know I feel raw at the moment but will blog more about how it feels and what happened when I get sorted.



4 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. I am so sorry and I am sure that despite knowing he was ill this will have come as a shock. I was in shock for months after my sister died suddenly, it wasn’t the sort of shock were you walk around in a daze, I thought I was fine carrying on with work etc but people around me could see I wasnt. It took about 4-6 months before it all caught up with me. I learnt not to expect too much of myself, that everyone reacts differently and that it takes time and most importantly dont forget that while you are busy supporting your family, you need time to grieve as well

    If you ever need to chat privately DM me – I found great support from bloggers and twitters which really helped me



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