Clickclunk clickclunk. Leaving the gravel yard, braving the rush hour. Clickclunk click clunk. First set of lights and no jaywalkers. That’s a bonus and they’re changing as I approach. A quick start tonight. There may be some hope. Clickclunk clickclunk dodge the potholes and the lumps, middle of the rode and up to the roundabout. Check the risks. Truck behind,bus approaching from the right,car from the left. Gogogogo! Faster faster peddle or die! And off the roundabout straight to the crossing and find a lane that isn’t there preparing for the next roundabout. Not yet. Someone stepping out to run across the road ignoring the crossing and the oncoming traffic. Narrowly avoiding my front wheel. Goodbrakes save lives. Easy left no time to change up hitting the next crossing already and again jaywalkers. It’s only ten feet to the crossing I want to scream but I can’t be bothered anymore. Too much else to try me without that. We’re off again and dashing madly racing past the petrol punps and getting into lane again. Clickclunk clickclunk staying between the yellow lines, between the kerb and the car door. Another roundabout. Wait wait and gogogo! Across and hit the tarmac hill big trucks big buseses and noisy little men in noisy little hatchbacks. Pushed against the edge and over every drain cover. Clickclunk clickclunk. Climbing the hill can’t afford to falter mustn’t wobble. Watch the wing mirrors. Pray the broken glass stays on the road and off the wheels. Over the larger debris. Who loses something that size and doesn’t notice? Hitting the top. The brow. The crest. And it’s over and start looking behind. Look for a gap. Over the shoulder then quickly to the front. Timing. Timing. Timing. Now. Swing across make it quick and avoid hitting th other kerb but pull in tight. Hurtling downhill head down and braking hard for yet another crossing. Spin around the big final roundabout ,daring the traffic to cut me up. And what do we have here? Another bloody crossing. Well, last one. Heading homeward on a long straight. More potholes and no room to avoid the big ones. A full pond coming up. Can’t pull out. Must go through. No way of knowing the depth beneath the muddy brown water. Go for it. Got through with wet socks but no buckled wheel. Stop for the lights, quick half left ,left again and in through the back gate. Lock up the trusty steed and get on the right side of that back door. Food, warmth and dry feet until tomorrow.

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