Well, it has arrived. The new decade is here full of promise and heavily laden with others aspirations, hopes and dreams. This year will be what we make of it, depending on what we put in to it and on how we set our targets. Personally, I am going to concentrate on external things. Work will be a struggle this year but that will be a global consensus so there is no point complaining. Just tough it out and try and stay on the right side of the unemployment line. Taking that element out of my emotional agenda leaves more room for family and friends. I will be able to work more on my garden projects as the daylight extends and I can redirect my energies to that and away from less enjoyable things. I have decided that this summer, when the AGM comes, I will finally step down from my role in the business group I am involved in. It has grown and matured into something far beyond what we could have hoped and now needs to be run by others who can direct it to greater things.
I will try to blog more now I have phone access and will try, really try, to limit my twitter content to worthwhile submissions with less pointless drivel!
On that note…

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