Ok, I’ll say it.

I had my first Christmas meal of the season last night.

There. I’ve said it.

Go on, hurl abuse at me, cry ‘Humbug!’ and light a fire beneath my tinsel covered tree but I enjoyed it immensely. It was with my business group and the venue was great. The people we ate with were old friends and new so the conversation flowed as the wine, or in my case cider, did. I make no apologies for actually enjoying an early foray into the overdone overblown advertising dream that is Disney Christmas 2010.

I usually poo-poo the whole , selection boxes on sale before Halloween advanced sales and promotion thing but this was subtle and tasteful, with very little razzamatazz.  If you will, a grown up, not over indulgent Christmas.

Sadly, this may indicate that I now like doing grown up, dignified things for pleasure.

Oh well….

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