I have to question that Doctor Who bloke: Why does this year seem to be getting away from me?

It’s already Halloween, or was by the time this reaches the ether and Bonfire Night is almost upon us. Before long it will be Remembrance Sunday, then Christmas.

I usually help collect charity money at the Novemebr Carnival but sadly I am afflicted with a damaged tendon in one of my feet so the 2 hour walk in the rain will have to be avoided this year. I will, however, struggle my way through the Remembrance Parade as I strongly feel a little bit of pain for an hour barely compares to the sacrifices given in my name by those we gather to remember.

Time is rushing past in many ways this year. The annual Christmas meal for the business group I am head of usually takes place in November to avoid the rush but is no where near organised and has been pushed back, the work Christmas meal hasn’t been mentioned, which is a good thing considering incidents that happened earlier this year and there has been no mention of any plans at home. The closest I’ve got to the big day itself is growing parsnips and purple sprouting broccoli on my allotment

So, is it just me or has this year been a bit of a flash by for anyone else?

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