>Back in May 2009 a chance remark was picked up by a great bunch of people and became Elevensestime. The following are my tweets and comments I retweeted at the time.

Time Tweet
16 May 09 10:59
Does anyone have “Elevenses” any more? – off to get mine anyway
16 May 09 11:17
RT @mizzlizwhizz: #makesmesmile playing with words [No surprises there then! :)]
16 May 09 11:19
@mizzlizwhizz Right yours is the one on the left – stem ginger cookie ?
16 May 09 11:23
People who get together and sort out differences and problems for themselves and others #makesmesmile
16 May 09 11:24
Being patronized by large corporations and the state who think they know better #makesmerant (justsayin’ !)
16 May 09 11:26
BT once sent me a letter explaining how their webhosting services would make my business *Look* professional #makesmerant
16 May 09 11:29
Daughter insisting that chocolate can be one of her 5 a day #makesmesmile
16 May 09 11:31
@mizzlizwhizz Nice aren’t they – there’s one left at the bottom of the packet
16 May 09 11:38
@mizzlizwhizz I really shouldn’t I’ve already had 5 and I’m watching my figure. *brushes crumbs from chin, nose and hair*
16 May 09 11:40
My doctor suggested I go to weight watchers but I told him “I want to lose it not watch it” (boom! boom!)
16 May 09 11:43
.@naughtymutt Yum! – we’re having ginger biscuits but you carry on with your radishes – much more healthy! 🙂
16 May 09 11:46
RT @Mangowe: *looks at breakfast* If this is health food, why am I enjoying it? [you need to have a word with @naughtymutt about that one]
16 May 09 11:50
RT @Dormousezzzz: Oooo ginger biscuits! I havent had a ginger biscuit in ages! *looks pleadingly upwards through eyelashes* 😉 [Enjoy! 🙂 ]
16 May 09 11:55
Just to finish off Elevenses – heres a nice feel good track from Beth Rowley #makesmesmile (spotify http://bit.ly/isja0)
16 May 09 11:59
Well that was nice – see you all later! :o)
16 May 09 12:07
RT @Mangowe: RT @okse: Went to the corner shop, bought a protractor. [Living the dream! 🙂 #makesmesmile]
16 May 09 12:30
RT @HelpSaveBees: Martin, you appear to have started an Elevenses Twitter Club, may I introduce you to the following new members:
16 May 09 12:32
RT @HelpSaveBees: @typoretum @robocallaghan @iamamro @naughtymutt & of course miss biscuit crumbs herself @mizzlizwhizz [Nice to meet you!]
16 May 09 12:37
@JemStone Thought you might like this! http://bit.ly/oUTmN 🙂 #getorffmyland
16 May 09 12:47
@iamamro Absolutely!
16 May 09 13:28
RT @DaveHill: Have arrived in city of bath. It’s small. [watch out Baedecker’s! :)]
16 May 09 14:08
Beavering away! – follow @ElevensesTime, have set up ElevensesTime@GoogleMail.com for biscuit recipes, longer thoughts etc. #ElevensesTime
16 May 09 14:43
Off for a late lunch now – laters
16 May 09 17:15
RT @DamianGrounds: Hi Martin, it’s Damian from @HelpSaveBees. Can you add me to #ElevensesTime please
17 May 09 01:23
@DamianGrounds No reason why we shouldnt have both – I’ve already set up http://ElevensesTime.Blogspot.com with a first explanatory piece
17 May 09 01:27
@DamianGrounds A flicker group is great idea for sharing pictures with comments. Blog only really for posting stuff for those with no blog
17 May 09 10:26
Morning All! – late start this morning – Listening to the Archers as usual
17 May 09 10:28
Went to see Mark Steel last night in Cirencester (youtube : http://bit.ly/WGLLH *language*) absolutely hilarious and thought provoking
17 May 09 10:30
@sunday Definitely starting to feel sorry for Matt! (Unlikely as that may sound !)
17 May 09 10:32
@sunday Not much chance of an early election then! (although the way GB’s going I wouldn’t put it past him!)
17 May 09 10:38
Just getting the crockery out for #ElevensesTime – as we’re new to this I’ll use the best china – use the hashtag to join in at 11:00 BST
17 May 09 10:45
@YourMrBumbles Glad you like it – theres loads of other clips on youtube
17 May 09 10:48
@TheChoirBoy Quite a few of us about! (@Timbentinck (David) is on twitter – interesting follow)
17 May 09 11:01
Tea’s brewed – just trying to find some nice biscuits for #ElevensesTime – anybody got any music suggestions?
17 May 09 11:12
Found some half chocolate ginger cookies in the special jar #elevensestime – does every one take milk?
17 May 09 11:17
@DiscyDave Nice!
17 May 09 11:18
@mizzlizwhizz Pull up a chair – there’s plenty of bickies for evryone #ElevensesTime
17 May 09 11:21
Can someone tell @HelpSaveBees aka @DamienGrounds his tea’s getting cold! #elevensestime
17 May 09 11:23
RT @DiscyDave: Try this..http://www.myspace.com/drivebytruckers [Second track v.good]
17 May 09 11:27
@HelpSaveBees One lump or two ? – So what are we all doing this morning #elevensestime
17 May 09 11:29
@Dormousezzzz Fifth I think – pawn to rook
17 May 09 11:34
Here’s some Fairport Convention to get us in a jolly mood http://bit.ly/1W9j5 #elevensestime
17 May 09 11:41
@DamianGrounds Are you following everyone from your current account?
17 May 09 11:45
RT @DamianGrounds: @iamamro @henryandjayne @mizzlizwhizz @ typoretum Good morning. I appear to be own. Jaffa cake anyone ?#ElevensesTime
17 May 09 12:03
Right well that was nice! Just leave the cups on the side I’ll put em in the dishwasher later. #elevensestime
17 May 09 12:41
@TeaPartyProtest @teapartynews Not really a “Tea Party” thing! Just casual meet up and a chat at #ElevensesTime blog: http://bit.ly/mjCTK
17 May 09 12:54
@mizzlizwhizz Damien seems to have stirred up some interest from accross the water ! LOL Got to be so careful with keywords #elevensestime

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