It’s the equinox tomorrow . The time when all things should be equal. The day is as long as the night. For me, it has also reached a middling time. I have a chance to reinvigorate or resolve my life To resign myself or to pick up the pace and move on.

Well, some things have moved on themselves, others will keep moving and yet more will need to start putting one foot ahead of the other.

It is also Autumn. The real Autumn. Not the still glowing warm from the summer autumn but the real here comes winter, get your coats out Autumn with a capital A.

There is something affirming about this time of year. The Boys of Summer have truly gone and only the hardy souls remain to welcome in winters pinched faced visitors and long dark nights.

I love this time of year personally, I just don’t like being trapped indoors watching it happen without me!


One thought on “Middling Time

  1. Autumn looks fabulous, and I love walking through crunchy leaves, kicking them up like a child, I’ll welcome cold weather to a certain extent, I can’t be doing with the uncertainty of what to wear, that said give it a few weeks and you’ll be hearing me whinge on and on about how cold my office is, that’s a temperature I’m not looking forward to.

    Spring is actually my favourite season, I always think it’s a hopeful time, as the bulbs start flowering and my favourite day of all is when the lambs arrive in the orchard for their first visit of the year.


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