Today was an odd one. Travelling back from a trip to Bristol, I helped an elderly and somewhat infirm lady to board the train to Weston-super-Mare. I thought nothing of it. It’s just what you do isn’t it?

Apparently what you give, you get back.  What goes around comes around and all that.

When I got home, everything was quiet and calm so after catching up with emails, I went to check out my allotment. The good news was that a couple of my tomatoes were ripe, sadly another was ripe but had been badly attacked by pests so went straight to the compost heap. The better news was from my neighbour at the site whose wife has seen more than enough beans from his plot. He asked me if I could take away some French and Runner beans, and maybe some potatoes too.

So, with my two fat tomatoes came a few pounds of fresh beans and a few more of Desiree potatoes! A good turned repaid in bundles!

I think life is very much like an allotment; you only get something out of it if you are prepared to put something in first. And, like the allotment, a little seed of good, well cared for and nurtured, soon gives back a lot in return.

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