O.K. hands up all those who sang the rest of the title?

It’s the little things we grab hold of and take away that keep us smiling inanely when all of our daily grind starts to over power us.  Those stupid nonsensical whimsies that hit the snigger bone and lodge in your subconscious memory, to pop over the parapet randomly and wave hello.

Songs that have a compulsory hook and a mesmeric melody will creep soft footed into your mind and await the perfect moment to reappear. Usually at an unexplainable time,sometimes even an inappropriate occasion and often forcing an inane stupid grin across your normally sedate and respectful visage. But it is this sort of maddening tomfoolery of the mind that keeps us from slipping into abject and remorseless depression on days when the rain seems to follow you everywhere, starting as you reach the optimum distance away from the house to make it pointless to run back for a coat yet too far away from your destination to arrive dry and unflustered.

It is the little things that makes a group of complete strangers hum along in harmony when  a car passes a bus stop full of drenched commuters, a deafening decibel level of drum ‘n’ base vibrating through it’s blacked out windows.

Without such amusing distractions, we might allow ourselves to fully comprehend the truly enormous responsibilities we carry, the crushing pressures of everyday decision making and mind blowing reality that, despite the drudgery and monotony of each working day, we will crawl out of bed and face again tomorrow.

So,relish the little wry grins, the beaming silly faces and thank what ever deity you may or may not worship that we still have them.


2 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful

  1. when I worked in a hotel, many years ago, one of our favourite games was to walk around the dining room and kitchen, quietly humming some random tune and see how many other people were singing the same thing by the end of the shift, it was sort of a competition to see who could get people singing the weirdest thing, one I remember was ‘Jesus wants me for a sunbeam’.

    Oh, and yes, I sang along with your blog title


  2. My cavemen once had the entire top deck of the park & ride bus into Bristol joining in with the Wheels on the Bus, everyone except Elizabeth and I that is, we hid our faces in our hands and hoped nobody would realise that the cavemen were with us.


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