> The plot received special visitors this week in the form of Westonsupermum and the subject of her regular blogs, little Celeste. The pair of them had been for a visit and a cup of shed tea once before, to discover chickens, snails and all the wonders that an only innocent child can imagine. The weather on both occasions threatened to foil any plans but changed for the better at the eleventh hour.
The visit this time coincided with the ripening fruits on the plots and meant I could send them away with lots of lovely fresh produce. That is to say, what was left after a sticky juice covered little angel had successfully tasted everything. All except the new potatoes got the thumbs up and finding and bagging up the potatoes became a favourite game once we discovered lots of wiggly worms in the potato bed!
One thing about allotment gardening that most non-growers fail to understand is that we don’t grow as a means to an end. We don’t grow purely to supply a demand from the home kitchen, we also grow for the pleasure of growing. Seeing someone enjoying the by products of our hobby is a major bonus. I love to give away my produce, it let’s me know I’m getting it right and my biased opinion isn’t that wrong!


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  1. >Thanks for a lovely afternoon Chris – if the proof of your labours is in the eating, then you're doing fantastically well. We've enjoyed the berries, potatoes, lettuce and onions (yet to do something with the turnips).Even made some berry smoothies.C. enjoyed playing with the chickens and worms especially. Oh, and digging for spuds – all that mud, GREAT!


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