>The London Music Festival at Alexandra Palace, London on 3rd August 1973

On the bill were the following:
Fumble – (can’t any free sources for Fumble )
McGuiness Flint Spotify – “When I’m Dead and Gone” (Don’t read too much into this track choice, there weren’t many to choose from !)
Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) –Spotify – “Once There was a Time”
Wishbone AshSpotify – “Sometime World”
Were you there too? If you were, can you remember any other acts that were on the bill

What was your first live gig? Post replies to the @ElevensesTime #ElevensesTime tag and join us for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat at 11:00 am (BST)

If anyone can track down alternative legal and free sources for tracks (e.g blip, last.fm etc) please post them on the Twitter #ElevensesTime hash tag and I will pick them up and add them here.
We also now have a collaborative Spotify playlist for @ElevensesTime so you can relive some of those magic moments!

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