>It’s hard to imagine anyone not noticing, but it’s been raining. Heavily and continually.
It’s been drenching the country but it has hit Wsm with a vengeance. It stays dry long enough to get to the plot. then rains.Fast and heavy, by the time I get to the shed, its soaked me through.
I had chance to crawl like a miner under the netting over my fruit cage and crop a big lunch box of blackcurrants. The strawberries are being devoured before i can get to them and the rain has helped the culprits. The fact that birds are being kept out means the slugs have free reign.
I need to put down something to keep them off and keep the berries off the rising mud.
Gooseberries still delivering a good crop. Picked the last today. Peas are filling out nicely and giving me meal after meal.
Potatoes surviving the slugs very well.I was concerned they would go powdery but they are holding well.
Roll on the dry July!


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